The History of Lincoln Waites

1500 - 1599


In 1512 Mayor Thomas Vessey was allowed 34s.4d. to pay his minstrels "as other Maiors had done before tyme of old ancient custom" (Ref: LCL/UP/2094).


City Officers pay fees to minstrels. The minstrels also demanded and received 2 gallons of ale and a penny worth of bread. (Miscellaneous Manuscripts)


Payment to one minstrel for his fee. (Miscellaneous Manuscripts)

18 July 1539

The minstrel was paid 4d for St Anne's Day. On the Tuesday after St Anne's Day, the Mayor and Aldermen rode the "perambulation" of the City. (Miscellaneous Manuscripts)


Payment to minstrels for St Anne's Day. (Miscellaneous Manuscripts)

8 December 1551

"The two Waits (to which number they are now reduced) are to have their Liveries, and to wear two silver collars" (Miscellaneous Manuscripts)

15 November 1553

"The Waits to have their Liveries of red cloth as they had last year." Livery Coats for the Sword Bearer and Mace Bearer werre bought on 7 October 1553. (Chamberlains Rolls)

4 February 1555

"Three Waits again appointed"

10 October 1560

"The Waits to go according to the custom, that is to say, from this feast of All Hallows to Candlemass, and to have Livery Coats from the Common Chamber, and such wages of others as have been used." (Chamberlains Rolls)

2 October 1561

"The Waits to go yearly from the next morning after the Leet Court next after michaelmass to the Annunciation. Specified fees to be paid them by Aldermen, Sherriffs and Chaimberlains." (Chamberlains Rolls)

24 November 1566

A statute was passed covering the mustering of the Watch. "The Watch shall be kept from the Sunday after Ascension Day." The same entry appears in 1567 and 1569 as well.

28 March 1599

"The Waits or musicians to have 100s yearly towards the increase of their wages, and also to have 4 coats yearly at Christmas over and besides the coats they have now, and their chains and cognizances to be repaired." (Chamberlains Rolls)