The History of Lincoln Waites

The Green Dragon, Magpie Square

The Green Dragon stands in Magpie Square, at the junction of Broadgate and Waterside. 16th Century Merchant's Houses would often include business and warehousing at ground floor and living quarters above.

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Te Green Dragon in 1981, photographed by Reg Bennett (Courtesy Mr & Mrs A Bennett).

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In 1823 the Green Dragon Inn was occupied by John Winn and valued at £1215.00 (L1/1/1/8, page 851). In 1827 the Green Dragon still had its own stables, (ref: L1/1/1/8, page 581) although it's hard to imagine them today. This might be the house referred to as "Great Garretts" in the minutes of 1728 (L1/1/1/7, page 139). Great Garretts was located near Thorn Garth, next to Thorn Bridge and was leased to one Thomas Bateman. The Bateman name is still [happily] associated with brewing in Lincolnshire today.

The original Green Dragon had been next door. When it was demolished, in 1956, the 16th Century building was restored and became the "new" Green Dragon.

This photograph clearly shows the close proximity of the river to the Green Dragon.

Magpie Square.

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