The History of Lincoln Waites


Civic records have survived in many of the old boroughs, and researchers have been able to discover information about the instruments bought for, and played by, their Waits. In Lincoln, however, records of instruments are scarce. This may be because Lincoln City Waites played their own instruments. I have not found one request, either agreed or denied, for the purchase of a musical instrument for Lincoln Waits between 1655 and 1857. One possible reason for this (suggested by Chris Gutteridge) may be that Lincoln Waits used instruments which they already owned. If that is the case, did more citixens of Lincoln already own instruments than those of other localities? Was there some reason why musicians found Lincoln am attractive place to live? Did they move here from elsewhere? In time we might be able to find answers to some of these questions.


Leman played French Horn "and other instruments" for Lincoln Waites in 1740 (ref: L1/1/17, page 246).

1753 - 1775: Richard Milhouse

Although, for lack of records, we cannot say for certain that Lincoln Waites purchased any instruments from Richard Milhouse, we know that he lived and worked in Newark between 1753 and 1775. Milhouse may have been the nearest maker of woodwind instruments for Lincoln Waites to visit.

Quote from the uncle of a modern-day wait

"Angels don't play harps y'know. That's just a wicked rumour started by evil harp players. Angels play Trombones, lad." Vero Barker (Al's Great Uncle).


In Search of the Lincolnshire Bagpipe