The History of Lincoln Waites

The Murder at Sibsey in Lincolnshire


On 18 March 1859, Henry Carey (aged 24) and William Pickett (aged 20) were drinking with William Stevenson in the Ship Inn at Sibsey Northlands (Near Boston, Lincolnshire). When William Stevenson left the Inn to walk home, Carey and Pickett followed him. They Killed him and robbed him. The song says that they hit him so hard that his skull caved in.

Carey and Pickett were both arrested the following day. Their trial, at Lincoln Castle, lasted just over a day and they were soon found guilty and sentenced to death. On 5 August 1859, Carey and Pickett were hung by the executioner William Marwood. These were the last two public hangings in Lincoln Castle.

Lincoln's Waits did not continue past 1857, however, I include this song for the purposes of providing examples of the content of Lincolnshire's Broadside ballads.

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Cobb Hall, Lincoln Castle, Where Carey and Pickett were hanged.

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