The History of Lincoln Waites

Thomas Curtis - City Wait 1816 and 1835-1836


On 17 December 1816 the corporation paid "Waites – Dickinson, Howe, & Curtis – 10s" (L1/4/6 Corporation Cash Book 1816-1818).


Thomas Curtis is listed in Council Minutes (ref: L1/1/1/9) as being a Wait in 1835/1836.

The other Waits in 1835/1836 were:


In The Waits Badge and Chain (courtesy of the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaelogy), B Sullivan tells us; "In 1852 the City Council ordered the Town Clerk to enquire into the whereabouts of these [Waits] badges, and it was found that two of the former Waits had died and their badges either lost or sold". The Council had tracked down Selby Dickinson and William Howe. So we must conclude that John Hawson and Thomas Curtis had died - or had they?

The Ward Lists of Citizens (ref: Lincoln City Parcels: 83/24) list a man called Thomas Curtis as residing in Canwick Road, Lincoln - in November 1861.