The History of Lincoln Waites

George Green - 1724/1725

7 December 1725

"Proposed and ordered that George Green late one of the waits of this city be allowed one shilling and six pence a week during the pleasure of this city and the same to be paid be Mr Mayor and to be allowed in his Accounts" (ref: L1/1/1/7, page 114).

As yet, we have no firm proof of when George Green first became a Wait, although it is possible that he may be Green of Newarke, in which case, he would have been a Wait of Lincoln since 1710. Certainly by May 1728, Lincoln Council were still paying a pension to him: "To George Green his allowance to the 9th of May last - £2.6s.6d" (Lincoln City Rolls 133/1727-1728).

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