The History of Lincoln Waites


10 August 1710

"Proposed that William Andrews, Green of Newarke, Robert Rodgers and Joseph Roe be the City's Waites and that Geo. Udall be allowed 2s 6d a weeke - for his life" (L1/1/1/6, p657)

The pension given to George Udall suggests that he may have given long and loyal service to the City as one of Lincoln's Waites. Certainly, if this is the same George Udall who was a Wait in 1662, he served in Office for at least 48 years.

It is hard to say how old Udall was when he retired. If he was 18 in 1662, he would have been 66 in 1710, although he may have been much older. The Mayor's Account Roll shows Udall's pension was paid in 1712/13: "Paid Mr Wright, George Udall and Richard Hunton their allowance of 2s.6d of weeke" (Lincoln City Rolls 101/1712-1713).

Could Green of Newarke be George Green? If it is, he remained a Wait of Lincoln for the next 15 years.

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