The History of Lincoln Waites

William Wigley or Wiggsley

1719 & 1755 - 1762

9 Dec 1756

William Wigley's term of Office appears to have begun the previous year - 1755.

14 January 1719

It is likely that this is the same man as the William Wiggsley who was chosen as a Wait in 1719. (ref: L1/1/1/7, page 68)

1755 - 1762

It seems possible that Wigley remained a Wait between 1755 and 1762. He certainly received a Wait's salary in 1758 and 1760. The Mayor's Accounts show the following two payments: "To William Wigley and George Crathorne for half a years salary due to them as Waites at Michas 1758 - £2.3s" (Lincoln City Rolls 18/1757-1758) and "To George Crathorn, Wm Wigley & Wm Roberts for one years salary due to them as City Waits at Michas 1760 - £6.6s" (Lincoln City Rolls 15/1759-1760).

Wigley's place was filled by George Skelton, on 12 April 1762, after his death (L1/1/1/7, p442).