The History of Lincoln Waites

George Crawthorn - 1742 -

25 September 1742

George Crawthorn was considered two years earlier, in 1740, but he was passed over in favour of a man called Smith. In 1742 one of Crawthorn's fellow Waites was Benjamin Johnson.

In 1737 Michael Crawthorne [possibly a relative of George Crawthorn] had been dismissed from Lincoln Waites because of his religion.

Mathew Crawthorne became a Waite in 1725.

1753 - 1755: Fireworks

As well as Salary for the Waites, "George Crathorn for Waites on 5th Nov [an unspecified amount]" in 1753/54, a further payment relates to the Waites involvement in the 5th November celebrations, "To the Drummers 5s, Ringers 5s, Waites 5s, to ffra Layton for Guy 5s" (Lincoln City Rolls 109/1753-1754). It is interesting to find that George Crawthorn seems to have been reponsible for providing the fireworks, in 1754 and 1755, as well as the music (Lincoln City Rolls 109/1753-1754 and 20/1754-1755).

1758 - 1762

It seems that George Crathorne is in charge of the Waits finances, as in 1758, he receives the salaries for all four Waites, not only his owm: "Paid George Crathorne for half a years salary due to him and for three other Waites at Lady Day 1758 - £4.4s" (Lincoln City Rolls 18/1757-1758). The next installment of half-yearly Salary mentions only 2 Waites: "To William Wigley and George Crathorne for half a years salary due to them as Waites at Michas 1758 - £2.3s" (Lincoln City Rolls 18/1757-1758). This depletion in numbers may have been because another Wait, John Smith, died in 1758.

By the time Salaries are due again, the Waites number has increased to three: "For a Treat on the Success of Prince Ferdinand over the French Army - £7.17s.6d, And to the Ringers 10s.6d, Drummer 5s and Waites 5s on the same occasion. To George Crathorne for one Years Salary due to him and the two other Waits at Michaelmas 1759 - £6.6s" (Lincoln City Rolls 19/1758-1759). In the following year's Accounts the third man is named: "To George Crathorn, Wm Wigley & Wm Roberts for one years salary due to them as City Waits at Michas 1760 - £6.6s" (Lincoln City Rolls 15/1759-1760).

By 1762, we see another change in personnel, as the name of William Wigley disappears, to be replaced by George Kerton and George Skelton: "Paid to George Crathorne, William Roberts, George Kerton, George Skelton for One Years Salary due to them as Citty Waits at Michaelmas 1762 - £7.7s" (Lincoln City Rolls 14/1761-1762).

4 October 1771

"Received of the Right Worshipful John Willson Esqr. Late Mayor of the City of Lincoln the sum of four pounds four shillings for half a years sallery for the Wates of the said Citty due at Michaelmas last past pd. [signed by] Geo. Crathorn." (Lincoln City Parcels/box 75/1770-1771/1/93)

27 March 1771

"Received of the Right Worshipful Inõ Willson Esqr. Mayor of the Citty of Lincoln the sum of four pounds four shillings for half a years salary for the Wates of the said Citty due at Lady Day last past pd. [signed or marked by] Geo. Crathorn, W Roberts, James Dickinson and Inõ Farrow." (Lincoln City Parcels/box 75/1770-1771/1/94)

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